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Expert advice on the management of urban nucleic acid testing bases

The equipment needed for a base laboratory that tests 10,000 tubes per day: 4-6 96-well nucleic acid extraction instruments, 10-12 96-well PCR amplification instruments, and 3~4 8-channel pipettes for supporting use, 2~3 single-tube palm centrifuges, 1~2 multi-tube vortex mixers). When using fully automated equipment or increasing the amount of testing, appropriate adjustments can be made according to this standard...



Multiple functions of multi-tube vortex mixer

Adopting advanced design concepts and manufacturing technology, the appearance is simple, smooth and beautiful, and the structure is compact and firm. This model has the advantages of high versatility, simple operability, etc., to ensure that it can quickly deal with the oscillation of microplates and small test tubes. Mixed experiment...



How much do you know about chemical laboratory design-application fields and functional layout articles

The application fields and industries of chemical laboratories are quite extensive. Common fields include: food and agricultural products, cosmetics, environmental monitoring, toys, textiles, materials, biomedicine, medical equipment, etc.

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